Earthquake cracked ground floor

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Опубликовано: Dec.06, 2011 11:01:43 Категория: Concepts, Illustrations, Signs & Symbols Тип: Фото Релиз модели: Нет
Автор: lightsource
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Earthquake cracked whie floor showing a huge hole in the ground caused by a dangerous earth shattering seismic disaster that was very high on the richter scale
Ключевые слова
white, on, high, stone, risk, danger, huge, dangerous, hazard, dividing, tear, fingers, scale, earth, hole, crack, floor, broken, in, deep, land, ground, cracked, divide, separation, falling, parting, disaster, showing, breaking, the, very, divorce, demolished, ladies, recession, fault, earthquake, rupture, whie, cracks, by, tears, collapsing, fissures, seismic, abyss, was, that, magnitude, caused, richter, tremor, shattering, epicenter, earthquakes, seperation, three-dimensional shape, natural disaster, concrete floor, seismic activity, abismo, richter scale, seismicity, two sides, tetonic plates, earth shattering, seismism, seismic event, aftershocks, major earthquake, grieta, propast

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