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scale of a House fully flooded during the flooding of the river
runners to race to the finish line of the marathon
garage with bike and boxes during a flood
black cloud with a thick blanket of smoke high in the white sky
grey and black cloud with a thick blanket of smoke high in the w
Firefighters extinguished a fire hazard during a training exercise in the f
cyclists with sports during abbiglaimento during a challenging r
electrical connection with large copper bars of a high voltage t
collection of valuable carpets of Afghan origin
toxic cloud in the sky after the explosion of a products factory
finger indicating the figures in an electric energy meter
tools in a hardware store very provided
shapes of clouds and thick smoke into the sky 1
entry of a House during a flood and flooded road
stair of a House fully flooded during the flooding of the river
Interior of a playroom a nursery kindergarten school
Statue of the Virgin Mary in the grotto of Lourdes attracts many
black cloud caused by an explosion of a bomb in the sky
Blue sirens of police car during the roadblock in the city
Great white sea bream many saltwater fish in the italian restaur
cyclists with sports during abbiglaimento during a challenging r
Chief scout with the typical Hat while controlling their kids
entrance of a House fully flooded during the flooding of the riv
security guard with dark glasses and a radio headset
Tai Chi martial art Woman with pink silk dress perform the exerc
Vicenza, Italy. 20th September 2015.  Marathon runners on the road
precious antique furnishings and retro ceramic plates
Blue flashing sirens of police car during the roadblock
vintage necklaces and jewelry for sale in the antique shop
Red tomatoes grown in a pot on the terrace of a House
green basil leaves ready to taste the tasty kitchen recipes
Luggage in the family car ready for the holidays
luggage full of material
firefighters with the fire truck when switching off a fire
tray filled with rice
Collection of antique oriental carpets expensive on display in t
tray with spaghetti or rice in the company canteen
Jewelry necklaces and vintage bracelets for sale at flea market
metal tube for the air-conditioning of a large workshop
winter JACKETS for sale at shopping center
sinks for cleaning of infants within a nursery
man with pink towel breathe balsam vapors to treat colds
firefighters with oxygen bottles off the fire during a training
TOMATO plants on the terrace of the apartment in the city
Automatic irrigation system in the field of lettuce
shapes of clouds and thick smoke into the sky 3
Dangerous and dramatic cloud of black smoke after an explosion i
Road excavation at a construction site at conduits for the layin
damaged cars in car demolition
sow in the sty with sturdy steel bars
Chinese restaurant: spaghetti meat and vegetables
cars in the streets and roads submerged by the mud of the flood
disabled athlete with the wheelchair during a competition
Big Beaver with huge incisors
Land during excavation operations in a road construction site
legs of cyclists who ride during the race
textures and background of ancient handmade carpets and rugs
runner make physical activity before going to work
banana with many blue pills for male problems
Nice classroom in a kindergarten with tables and little chairs
drawings of trees in autumn hanging from the ceiling
food and spaghetti in the Chinese restaurant
bicycle race with athletes engaged in road slope
flamenco dancers expert and Spanish dance with period costumes
nursery classroom with school desks and small red chairs
pieces of iron and processing waste in a foundry 5
fabulous Castle in the city centre of Trento
gym in the kindergarten with many colored plastic balls
cross country skiing in the mountains with snow
insulators and electric cables in a large power plant with tall
green and yellow tortellini with eggs and flour and spinach
hiking boots of a family rest on the Dolomites
hand holding the crib with statuettes of the Nativity
laying of optical fiber and electric cables in a roadworks worke
road excavation for the laying of optical fiber for high speed i
cars in the streets and roads submerged by the mud of the flood
cable and antennas for signal repetition of mobile telephony and
little girl weighs with an ancient scale
branch of mimosa flowers yellow in March and the blue sky
yellow banana peels just Peel to store organic waste
dancers expert and Spanish dance
person with disability in the bedroom
impressive exhaust flows into river rainwater and mud
ferrous material in a container of a controlled discharge
Car trunk filled with luggage ready to leave for the winter holidays
into a church during mass with the Orthodox rite and the priest
firefighters with breathing apparatus
Quills and prickly cactus spines of a very dangerous succulent p
pile of wooden pallets piled in a landfill
blue flag of the UN United Nations Organisation
electrical cables and optical fibres in the digging
Green computer network cable in a rack of data processing center
woman while sewing a dress in leather with needle and thread
two warriors of kendo fighting fight with bamboo swords in the
360 ° views of the Dolomites in Val di Fassa
Two medieval crusaders shall strutting with their horses blacks in the Ital
statue of our Lady with clasped hands and the precious Crown
fuses and switches ammeters and measuring instruments in an indu
old lines of barbed wire to demarcate the border
corrugated pipes for electrical cables and a cockpit in concrete

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