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Clenched fist
Communism symbol
Clenched fist
hammer and sickle isolated on white background, vector
Fist held
Clenched fist
Communist worker
Clenched fist hand
Symbol of USSR - hammer, sickle and laurel wreath
Symbol of USSR - hammer, sickle and laurel wreath
Sickle and Hammer Emblem of USSR in Polygons
Clenched fist
Marx, Engels and Lenin portraits
Vector set of military objects, related to 23 of February and Victory Day
Workers resistance poster (hands holding hammer and sickle, workers resistance design, workers resistance propaganda)
Industry poster - industrial plant
Group of workers and graph
American and Soviet pill
Red army
Workers rights poster
Soviet icons0
Propagana Poster Design Set
Socialism poster
equipment of the Soviet soldier during World War II
Soviet flag poster
Flag of the Soviet Union.
China national flag
Soviet emblem
Hand drawn soviet red star icon scanned and vectorized, brush dr
clenched fist hand
Communism style logo restaurant bar design vector template. Soviet dictator head icon silhouette concept for night club party.
Workers rights poster
The USSR flag painted on painted on white surface
hands with hammer and sickle old background
Historical USSR symbol
Red Star Vector Illustration
Red flag
Soviet political poster 1970s - 1980s
Soviet emblem
Portrait Vladimir Lenin
golden soviet badge - red star sickle and hammer
Womens rights poster
Vector illustration of red star
Flag Bearer USSR Background
Stamp of USSR
Soviet Badge Insigni
Vector greeting card with congratulations to 23 february
Pixel Rebel Hand
Gate Of Heavenly Peace
Customers inside polish Spolem market, Warsaw 1980
Churchill, stalin and roosevelt
Revolutionary posters . Cuba
Che Guevara stone mosaic
Black Communism, socialism and revolution icons
Communism style logos restaurant bar design vector template. Dictator, star and tank silhouette for night club party
Clenched fist
russian athlete weights lifting
national exhibition vdnh in Russia Moscow
socialist symbol, star icon
russian children taking selfie
Belarus. Hand drawn vector pack no.1
Victory Day. Feast on May 9th. Red stars with Soviet silhouettes calls
hammer and sickle
Silhouette of the lenin on red background
Set of vector, linear icons in a modern flat design.
Clenched fist hand. Revolution concept
Retro Punching Fist Sign.
Hand Up Proletarian Revolution
Retro Punching Fist Revolution Sign.
Hand, fist in chains
Soviet Union, USSR, map with flag, clipping path
Communist Propaganda Illustration Background
Soviet propaganda poster style fist
Military badge from the former Soviet Union
Cuba Pesos
Ernesto Che Guevara. Hand drawn portrait
Soviet political poster 1970s - 1980s
illustration of Comandante Che Guevara
Illustration of strong hand
Poster of USSR
Pop art woman punching
worker holding china flag
military shield with pentagonal comet star
portrait man caricature military
retro postcard for new year
Shield with Soviet star
Anarchist Communism Flag
Flag Bearer Poster
illustration of Joseph Stalin portrait
Labor Force on Display of Vending Machine.
Workers rights poster
Old communism poster
Soviet postcard for Christmas
Postcard Happy Valentine's Day.
girl with sledge
Socialism poster
Defender of Fatherland Day Flyer

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